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  Show name Rating
24CH: la série      24CH: la série 7.20
avg out of 29 votes
The Dead Files      Dead Files, The 6.80
avg out of 1,445 votes
Falling Water      Falling Water 6.50
avg out of 2,270 votes
First Time Flippers      First Time Flippers 5.40
avg out of 29 votes
Ghost Adventures      Ghost Adventures 7.70
avg out of 5,887 votes
Henry Danger      Henry Danger 5.60
avg out of 1,785 votes
Knight Squad      Knight Squad 4.00
avg out of 49 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.30
avg out of 427 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 578 votes
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic      My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 7.70
avg out of 17,079 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Pit Bulls and Parolees      Pit Bulls and Parolees 8.20
avg out of 874 votes
Saturday Night Live      Saturday Night Live 8.10
avg out of 36,486 votes
Say Yes to the Dress      Say Yes to the Dress 5.20
avg out of 1,398 votes
The Kitchen      The Kitchen 6.40
avg out of 176 votes
The Pioneer Woman      The Pioneer Woman 6.20
avg out of 307 votes
The Thundermans      The Thundermans 5.80
avg out of 2,361 votes
The Voice UK      The Voice UK 6.10
avg out of 976 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.50
avg out of 1,851 votes

  Show name Rating
American Idol      American Idol 4.20
avg out of 19,970 votes
Americas Funniest Home Videos      Americas Funniest Home Videos 6.20
avg out of 4,208 votes
Ash vs Evil Dead      Ash vs Evil Dead 8.50
avg out of 46,755 votes
Bar Rescue      Bar Rescue 7.70
avg out of 2,076 votes
Barefoot Contessa      Barefoot Contessa 6.60
avg out of 467 votes
Barnwood Builders      Barnwood Builders 8.20
avg out of 100 votes
Billions      Billions 8.40
avg out of 38,156 votes
Bob's Burgers      Bobs Burgers 8.10
avg out of 48,818 votes
Call the Midwife      Call the Midwife 8.40
avg out of 14,647 votes
Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter      Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter 6.80
avg out of 45 votes
Comic Book Men      Comic Book Men 7.70
avg out of 4,663 votes
Counterpart      Counterpart 8.30
avg out of 3,978 votes
Countryfile      Countryfile 7.30
avg out of 63 votes
Crashing      Crashing 7.30
avg out of 3,007 votes
Death Row Stories      Death Row Stories 8.00
avg out of 145 votes
Divorce      Divorce 6.70
avg out of 4,141 votes
Endeavour      Endeavour 8.60
avg out of 10,597 votes
Evil Lives Here      Evil Lives Here 8.10
avg out of 195 votes
Extra Gear      Extra Gear 5.80
avg out of 73 votes
Family Guy      Family Guy 8.20
avg out of 264,813 votes
Game Shakers      Game Shakers 4.50
avg out of 870 votes
Ghosted      Ghosted 6.40
avg out of 3,049 votes
Heartland      Heartland 8.30
avg out of 6,175 votes
Hold the Sunset      Hold the Sunset 5.60
avg out of 70 votes
Homeland      Homeland 8.40
avg out of 261,081 votes
Keeping Up with the Kardashians      Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2.80
avg out of 22,493 votes
The Last Man on Earth      Last Man on Earth, The 7.40
avg out of 43,321 votes
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 9.00
avg out of 56,474 votes
Little Big Shots      Little Big Shots 7.60
avg out of 376 votes
Lucifer      Lucifer 8.20
avg out of 100,926 votes
Madam Secretary      Madam Secretary 7.60
avg out of 14,783 votes
Mike Tyson Mysteries      Mike Tyson Mysteries 8.10
avg out of 2,546 votes
Mr. Pickles      Mr. Pickles 7.40
avg out of 4,353 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 578 votes
NCIS: Los Angeles      NCIS: Los Angeles 6.70
avg out of 40,698 votes
North Woods Law      North Woods Law 7.70
avg out of 201 votes
On the Case with Paula Zahn      On the Case with Paula Zahn 7.40
avg out of 461 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Our Cartoon President      Our Cartoon President 5.10
avg out of 834 votes
Peston on Sunday      Peston on Sunday 4.50
avg out of 15 votes
Port Protection      Port Protection 8.10
avg out of 173 votes
Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian      Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian 4.20
avg out of 274 votes
Robot Chicken      Robot Chicken 7.80
avg out of 35,584 votes
The Royals      Royals, The 7.50
avg out of 8,663 votes
School of Rock      School of Rock 4.60
avg out of 752 votes
Shark Tank      Shark Tank 7.50
avg out of 7,016 votes
Silicon Valley      Silicon Valley 8.60
avg out of 87,298 votes
The Simpsons      Simpsons, The 8.80
avg out of 306,831 votes
Sister Wives      Sister Wives 4.40
avg out of 1,833 votes
Snapped      Snapped 8.00
avg out of 703 votes
Swamp People      Swamp People 6.30
avg out of 1,879 votes
Talking Dead      Talking Dead 7.40
avg out of 2,876 votes
The Arrangement      The Arrangement 6.50
avg out of 1,948 votes
The Chi      The Chi 6.90
avg out of 1,145 votes
The Good Fight      The Good Fight 8.40
avg out of 6,788 votes
The Real Housewives of Atlanta      The Real Housewives of Atlanta 4.10
avg out of 2,778 votes
Timeless      Timeless 7.60
avg out of 19,848 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.50
avg out of 1,851 votes
Top Gear      Top Gear 8.70
avg out of 93,630 votes
The Walking Dead      Walking Dead, The 8.40
avg out of 730,665 votes
When Calls the Heart      When Calls the Heart 8.50
avg out of 6,345 votes

  Show name Rating
Adventure Time      Adventure Time 8.60
avg out of 57,946 votes
American Dad      American Dad! 7.40
avg out of 97,377 votes
American Greed      American Greed 8.30
avg out of 258 votes
American Idol      American Idol 4.20
avg out of 19,970 votes
The Bachelor      Bachelor, The 3.10
avg out of 4,970 votes
Big Brother Canada      Big Brother Canada 5.50
avg out of 576 votes
Booze Traveler      Booze Traveler 8.30
avg out of 300 votes
Collateral      Collateral 7.00
avg out of 389 votes
Conan      Conan 8.10
avg out of 19,208 votes
Coronation Street      Coronation Street 5.70
avg out of 3,991 votes
EastEnders      EastEnders 5.00
avg out of 6,494 votes
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show      Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.20
avg out of 12,292 votes
Emmerdale      Emmerdale 4.90
avg out of 2,257 votes
Food Unwrapped      Food Unwrapped 8.20
avg out of 85 votes
Independent Lens      Independent Lens 7.80
avg out of 396 votes
iZombie      iZombie 8.00
avg out of 46,247 votes
The Late Late Show with James Corden      James Corden, The Late Late Show with 6.60
avg out of 3,212 votes
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon      Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Starring 7.60
avg out of 12,324 votes
Judge Judy      Judge Judy 6.00
avg out of 3,076 votes
Kevin Can Wait      Kevin Can Wait 5.80
avg out of 6,364 votes
Kids Baking Championship      Kids Baking Championship 7.30
avg out of 150 votes
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert      Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The 7.50
avg out of 6,934 votes
Legends of Tomorrow      Legends of Tomorrow 7.00
avg out of 66,065 votes
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta      Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta 5.90
avg out of 582 votes
Love and Hip Hop      Love and Hip Hop 5.10
avg out of 551 votes
Man with a Plan      Man with a Plan 6.80
avg out of 4,126 votes
Marcella      Marcella 7.40
avg out of 8,911 votes
Murdoch Mysteries      Murdoch Mysteries 8.10
avg out of 7,420 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 578 votes
Neighbours      Neighbours 5.60
avg out of 4,107 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Panorama      Panorama 7.60
avg out of 297 votes
Pawn Stars      Pawn Stars 7.20
avg out of 13,454 votes
Polar Bear Family And Me      Polar Bear Family And Me 6.00
avg out of 1 votes
Ridiculous Cakes      Ridiculous Cakes 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Scorpion      Scorpion 7.20
avg out of 39,178 votes
Seth Meyers, Late Night With      Seth Meyers, Late Night With 6.10
avg out of 3,541 votes
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments      Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments 6.50
avg out of 33,354 votes
Star Wars Rebels      Star Wars Rebels 8.00
avg out of 18,421 votes
StarTalk      StarTalk 7.70
avg out of 440 votes
Street Outlaws      Street Outlaws 6.80
avg out of 768 votes
Superior Donuts      Superior Donuts 6.50
avg out of 1,940 votes
The Amazing World of Gumball      The Amazing World of Gumball 8.10
avg out of 12,498 votes
The Good Doctor      The Good Doctor 8.40
avg out of 22,588 votes
The Resident      The Resident 6.50
avg out of 2,953 votes
The Talk      The Talk 3.80
avg out of 1,396 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.50
avg out of 1,851 votes
Two Doors Down      Two Doors Down 7.00
avg out of 303 votes
UnREAL      UnReal 7.90
avg out of 9,838 votes
Vanderpump Rules      Vanderpump Rules 5.10
avg out of 1,494 votes
Vanity Fair Confidential      Vanity Fair Confidential 7.70
avg out of 127 votes
The Voice      Voice, The 6.60
avg out of 10,391 votes
WWF Raw      WWF Raw 8.00
avg out of 6,820 votes

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